How to log out from to Yo WhatsApp?

How to log out from to Yo WhatsApp? If you are still struggling with this question, you should read this article. Yo WhatsApp is very easy to reach. All we have to do is log in to our phone and enter the password. Since yo WhatsApp offers an automatic login option, you don't need to switch to other sites to access it. But logging out of Yo WhatsApp is a different story.

How to log out from to Yo WhatsApp?

If you use the original WhatsApp and all its modifications, you will see that most of them do not have the option to connect. But there are always situations we want to post about, right? You can be logged in to your account on someone else's phone, or you can log in to another account. So what do we do this time? The answer is simple! Look at that, guys!

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As you can see in these images, YoWhatsApp is not blocked. But don't worry friends, you can solve this problem by following the instructions that came with your phone below.

  • 1.Open phone settings
  • 2.Find Application Manager and click on it
  • 3.Find it in WhatsApp App Manager and click on it. But you see the culture
  • 4.When you enter the storage usage, you have to select explicit data and you will see a prompt like below. Go ahead and click Clean.
  • 5.After completing all these steps, open WhatsApp again and check that you are blocked from the old account. You can now sign in with a new account!